Chris, don’t get a heart-attack!

November 24, 2010

Yeah, so blogs are apparently hazardous when trying to prevent procrastination.
Anyhoo, I know it’s been a long time, and I’m not gonna fill in that — what, 3 month period?, so let’s just add those three months into the shelf of mysteries. I bet the people who read this blog already know me, so problem solved.

Washing your hands when you have apple scented soap is just amazing. I frequent the bathroom so much just to wash my hands that my roommates are probably thinking I have perpetual diarrhea or something. Speaking of scented soaps, I just bought this

and if squeaky delightful (<– I just invented that) ever had a smell, this would be it. It's like, cherries on drugs. It's that good.

Other than washing my hands the days are passing by accompanied by several hours of reading curriculum every day. I’m developing love/hate-relationships (in which the love is barely present) with successful authors that I’ve never even met. However, I love using my pink marker to mark large masses of seemingly important paragraphs with the promise to get back to them later. Only problem is that I think I’ve marked too much.
Speaking of problems, I only have room for approx. 5 more DVDs on my shelf, and have currently 4 on their way in the mail. What’s a poor girl to do? D: I could always invade the book-shelf, but I don’t wanna. If I remove the CDs stacked behind the books, I might get room for another 5-10 DVDs, but that’s not nearly enough. I’m toying with the idea of stacking them on the floor, along the the side of the book shelf. We’ll see.

I have laundry that needs doing, groceries that needs shopping, dinner that needs making (and eating) and curriculum that needs reading, so tata!


Getting into New Habits, Part I: Settling

August 26, 2010

Will be no pictures in this blogpost, as it is late, and I haven’t taken any lately that is of vital importance. I am, however, in order to break up the following block of text, dividing what I write into little paragraphs with their own headlines instead of giving a boring chronological retell of what I’ve done lately. Here goes.

The three blondes
So I met the first of my two roomates on Sunday, 10 days ago. She’s very nice, motherly sort of type, talkative and helpful. Who can’t like her? The second girl I met the following day. Evening. Whatever. I like her as well. She’s kind, incredibly sweet (I can’t help but smile when she smiles) and very including.
I had planned to join them in a vorspiel taking place at our place on the following Tuesday (no drinks for me, though, I don’t drink), but, alas, I had a massive headache from the earlier events of that day and had to pass.
Today we all went together + a friend of the second roomate of mine (I’m gonna call her J, for the sake of easy), to make tacos. We watched TV while eating and it was really nice. I’m getting more and more comfortable around them. Both J and L (first roomate) are leaving for a trip home this weekend, so I’ll get the whole place to myself. LOTR EXTENDED EDITION MARATHON YEAH!

University College
Tuesday the 17th was the start of the semester. There was a big gathering in what could be called the main building on campus, and there were at least a thousand people in there. If you add that to the incredible heat and little means of airconditioning the place, you get something equivalent to a small hell. I had to stand for an hour, listening speeches from comittee leaders, the principal, the Minister of Knowledge and there were songs by a school-group. Would probably be nice if the stuffyness of the hall didn’t bring me a massive headache within the first ten minutes. After that dreadful hour passed, we were sent to find our ‘Buddies’ which were holding signs with the names of all the studies. I quickly found mine, holding the “Media, IKT and Design” sign (lol), and soon a huge group of people piled up in front of him. Turns out were nearly 70 people or something, out of which about 50 are taking the same bachelor as me. They’re cool people, though, so I bet these next three years will be awesome.
Over the next days we were lead on tours around campus, got introductions to what our bachelor will be about, had a little ‘get-to-know-eachother’ game, in which we were paired, had to interview each other and then extract three keywords that would describe the person we interviewed. Then the teacher would read our names off a list, and when our named was called, we had to stand up, and the person who interviewed us would have to stand up as well and say our name and the three keywords about us. Keywords about me were Webdesign, Lord of the Rings and Teacher (as in wanting to become a teacher). The lady I interviewed was really nice, btw, and so are other people in my class that I’ve talked to. I like nice people.
I also like my current time table. On Mondays, I apparently have the day off. Otherwise I have no more than one class per day, and that class is only two hours. On Tuesdays and Fridays, the classes start at 08.15 am, on Wednesdays 11.15 am, and on Thursdays, 01.15 pm. Very nice, eh?
I have about 20 books I need for my study. This bachelor is ripping my money away.

The battle of Crows’ Nest — Mitowira vs. Mordecai
When I moved in, there was a large spiderweb covering the whole outside of my window. I quickly found out, that at nights, a spider the size of a bottlecap, positions itself in the center of said web, and stays there until the sun rises again, looking all sinister and nasty. I named him Mordecai. Mordecai had friends. They crept in by the window the first night here, and I had to kill three nearly bottlecap-sized spiders that sat around the inside of the window, and I’m certain there were more. This meant I couldn’t have the window open when it was dark. There was a nice janitor here to fix stuff, a fault on my window amongst other things. I kindly asked him to get rid of the spiderweb for me. He did. I thought Mordecai was gone forever. Boy, was I wrong…
That following night, I randomly looked out the (closed) window. What do I see? Mordecai. And he’s rebuilding his fortress. I would have killed him, then, but I can’t reach where he’s making his web. I had to come up with something. And I did.
Last weekend I went home to Ålesund. While there, I bought insectspray. This was war. When I got home Monday evening, I attacked. Sprayed the outside (as far as I could reach) and inside of the window + the other window, because I had just noticed a new web in the corner of it (probably one of those that got inside which I didn’t kill after my first night here). Next day, I pick up 15 dead spiders, and I haven’t seen Mordecai since. R.I.P. nemesis. I’m spraying the ceiling tomorrow before I go to class.

The two babies
When I was in Ålesund this weekend, on the Sunday, my mom and I went to visit a couple that are my mom and dad’s best friends. They had just had a baby girl, and I hadn’t seen her yet. Also, not long before the birth, they got a kitten, which I had seen before, but desperately wanted to see again. The baby girl was gorgeous, looked a lot like her mother. I got to hold her while she slept. Such a tiny thing. I got to bottle feed her, and totally melted inside. It was a very special moment for me. I want babies now… She also woke properly after eating some, and just laid there and stared at me. I dunno if she could actually see me, or if she understood anything, but she definetly looked at me.
I spent the rest of our visit exhausting the kitten. It’s weird how such a small thing can have so much more energy than our own grown cats. Those of you who have me on Facebook can see a video of me playing with the kitten there. Can’t wait to go say hello to them again, see how much the baby girl has grown, and play some more with the kitten.

Raiding the thrift stores of Ålesund
On Monday, before I went back to Volda, dad and I went shopping for some kitchen utensils I needed. We went to three thrift stores, because I wanted a big mug for tea (I only have tiny pimples of cups, which won’t do in the long run), and dad had bought some for nearly nothing only a few days ago while thrift-shopping. I found a mug at the last place we went to, but what’s more important is what else I found in all three of them. JARS and BOTTLES omg. If you know me properly, you’d know I have a fetish for jars and bottles and the like. I bought 6 beautiful jars, one old milk bottle and a cross between a jar and a bottle, all for a total of 110 NOK, which would be about £11, or $17-18. That is CHEAP. I don’t really have a purpose for all of them, yet though, but I want more. I might buy some decorative sand, pearls or coloured rocks, or maybe even plastic flowers that I can fill some of them with. I think I’m going to use the milk bottle as a vase, but what flower to put in it? Or maybe I’ll wait until fall, and then find some old branches to put in it. That would be nice.

Upcoming weekend
L and J are going home this weekend, so I’ll have the whole place to myself. I think I’m gonna go to the neighbouring town, Ørsta, on the Saturday, if the weather is nice, and look around for cheap dinners, more blankets, and stuff. Oh, and I’ve been craving Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food for the past fortnight, so I’m gonna see if I can find someplace that sells it. On Sunday I’m going to do something I’ve been wanting to do for the past 6 years: have a Lord of the Rings Extended Edition marathon! OmgI’msoexcited. I’ll do it in one run, only breaks will be to visit the little girls’ room and make food. Otherwise, I’ll be glued to my bed, with my new loudspeakers hooked up to my laptop, and the volume on epic. This is gonna be so great.

Last notes
Otherwise, I’m going down town for the first time since I got here either tomorrow or on Friday to pick up a package that obviously was too large four our mailbox. I’ve been ordering some DVDs online, which I haven’t done for probably half a year now, to save money. Why I’m doing it now is a mystery, really, but I happen to have money at the time, and a girl needs a treat now and then, right? Going to find out what kinds of stores there are in Volda by a more thorough investigation than last time, when I went with my sister. I’m dreading walking all the way up, because down town is at the bottom of the huge hill that is Volda. But I could do with the exercise, so I won’t complain. If the weather is awful, though, I’ll wait for the bus that goes all the way up to where I live. <— I love this.

I'm finally getting used to all the new habits and new things. Up until Thursday last week I was feeling a little homesick, but now it's all nearly gone. I've really started to settle, and I like living alone, except for the fact that it can get a little lonely with no family being there all the time, or the cats. God, I miss the cats…



Adventures in Volda, Part III: A Whole New Sensation

August 15, 2010

As of today, I am officially living on my own. I’m writing this on my laptop, connected to the non-wireless internet in the building (which is not that bad, really, it’s a good line, but I can’t take the laptop outside this room, which kinda sucks). My mom nearly cried when they’d helped me unload the car, came up to see the place and were about to leave. Poor thing. I’ve spent the past 3 hours packing and making it even nicer than it already was. I managed to forget my toothpaste, though, so I’ll have to go get some tomorrow morning. School starts on Tuesday, so I’ll do some exploring today and tomorrow, and go buy some food, because I only have rice cakes, crispy bread and flat soft bread + a packet of macaroni and a packet of tomato soup. Oh, and my dad was so kind as to  fill a bag with some canned goods like ham and stuff, omega-3 capsules, lemonade, marshmallows, and other things which was awesome. I’m also going to watch a bunch of my DVDs, because after I brought them in last Saturday, I’ve been craving LotR, Van Helsing, Alice in Wonderland and similar like crazy! The only thing left now really, is to wait for my roomates to arrive so that I can finally meet them. Looking forward to that.

This is really weird. After 19 years of living in the same house with my family, I’m suddenly alone here. I have mixed feelings about this, and about starting college. I have no idea what I’m going to, but considering I’m going to study something I love, I bet it’ll be nice.

Now, for the picture part; the final look! (click images for larger)

The door to my room. See if you can figure out what it says.

The two wonderful cushions I found earlier this week. I want more cushions though, so I can’t really consider the bed properly made yet. I gave the monkey a makeover.

The laundry corner. The laundry room is outside in a smaller building, so it’ll be a sour experience washing clothes in mid winter.

The inside of the wardrobe, with all my clothes in place. I’m not gonna show you what’s inside the other part of it. It’s a bloody mess.

The desk with my laptop all hooked up. So… many… cords…

The trash can/ camera bag corner.

The table, now with a pile of magazines and stuff, and behold! A table fan that I managed to put together all by my onesies! It provides me with deliciously cool air when the room becomes too hot and stuffy, despite the fact that the window is open.

Top desk drawer. Storage for keys and wallets and DS and the like.

Bottom drawer. Uh, yeah… All those cords and cables have actually got their purpose! I have a lot of stuff that needs chargers and USB cables.

Kitchen cabinet with my plates and glasses and cutlery and other kitchen utensils. I love the solution I came up with with using the cardboard box my blow drier came in to make a cutlery box :D I also have a frying pan and a pot in another cabinet.

More tea, more boxes and some other things since last picture of this cabinet! I love tea. That green package there is my favourite: London Fruit & Herb Company’s Apple and Cinnamon Twist.

I’ll need a better system in here when I start buying flour and sugar and stuff, ’cause they’ll have to stay in there. Oh, and that’s my waffle iron in the box there :D

My pretty dark red towels. The camera flash doesn’t really do the colour justice…

Some stuff in the bathroom cupboard.

The monster under my bed <3

And I learned the hard way that my new pair of scissors are friggin’ sharp. YES I HAVE CRIME SCENE BAND-AIDS.

And that’s all for now. Tata!


Adventures in Volda, part II: The unpacking

August 11, 2010

Saturday, dad, my sister and I packed the car full of most of my things and drove to Volda to drop them up. It was only a short go there – empty the car – leave – trip, so I didn’t take pictures or blog about it. But today I went there and spent about 3 hours unpacking my stuff and making the bedsit more homely :D

(click on the pictures for bigger)

On the ferry, weather being sulky. Started raining when it was half way, and as soon as the bus got off it and headed for Volda, it bucketed. When the bus was closing in on its destination, though, the temperature rose from 18 to 24 and BOOM – sunlight. It was hell, I tel you, hell D:

What it looked like when I arrived. I rolled up me sleeves and had a blast unpacking, despite the heat and lack of aircondition (I WILL buy a fan). The other girls won’t get here until Sunday, so I had the whole place to myself and could wander around to cool off whitout bothering anyone.

Finished!  Newly made bed (only lacking large cushions, which I haven’t found yet), with my three favourite plushies, all of which are gifts, and my two dearest LotR posters; one framed one by an artist I’ve forgotten the name of, and the big ‘ol map, which I intend to frame some day.

I moved the table and chair around a bit. Goin to find a small table or bedstand or somethin to put in the corner and have the fan on it. With the table like this, I can use the bed as a couch once I get the pillows. The chair I’m going to drape in blankets (IFRIGGENLOVEBLANKETS), and I’m going to get a cactus or something to put on the table. I also want to change the curtains some day, because they’re just hideous.

The desk, with my star crafting materials: paper gift wrapping thread and drinking straws + storage for the stars, a Legolas & Gimli statuette and my wooden man.


Closeup. Wanna give a guess at how many stars there are in that large vase? I won’t make you: it’s currently 1001. Those are all made from gift wrapping thread. In the smaller jar are the drinking straw stars.

Piggy bank cat (in which I actually found a 50 in while packing) that I’m going to put my savings for a new tattoo in, and my awesome LotR pencil case (containts mechanical pencil, ballpoint pen, ruler and eraser — just basic school stuff in other words).

(Thank you, camera flash!) My Mad Hatter poster. I simply adored Depp in Alice in Wonderland! Fav movie of the year.

Upper half of book shelf. My CDs and thin books are crammed in behind the books in front. Above the books are all my DVDs. I love my collection <3 Without them there would be a hole in my heart D: Finished with LotR Extended Edition box collection + seasons of various tv shows on the top.

Lower half of bookshelf. My art and hobby stuff and that little white chair that I got for my first Christmas ever from my grandfather. It’s already sorely missed at home, because for 19 years it’s been used to reach the top of cabinets and high shelves and the likes. I’m glad I brought it, because I couldn’t really reach the top of the bookshelf xD

Closeup. For those interested, this shelf contains, from left to right: Sketchbooks, ‘etch-out-an-image’s and the folder for all my drawings; Jar of fluffy balls in various sizes and colours; Jars with various paintbrushes, pencils, pens, erasers etc; Basket filled with unopened packages of pens, pencils and other kind of art/hobby stuff + a bunch of post-its for animation and scissors in various sizes; A tool-box with more pencils, pens and other kinds of drawing equipment; A round box with things like paperclips and safety pins; A pencil case with even more pencils and pens; Boxes with paint, copic markers and dry pastels.

Closeup of DVDs if you’re interested in seeing what I have. That weird grey and black thing is a spider tripod, and the little box contains yellow band-aids that says “crime scene – do not cross”. Lol.

Plushies! Fluffy monkey, really soft grey cat, and very smooth Emily the Strange cat.

Closeup of my beloved LotR map. <3

After I finished, I went to the store across the street to by my first food! It was a special moment :D Even though I only bought some macaronies, straight-in-the-cup cocoa, tea, rice bisquits and two packs of gum. I then filled up one of the kitchen cabinets and felt really proud afterwards.

Yay! Can you tell I love jars? That’s lots of tea leaves in the woven basket there. I love tea almost as much as I love jars <3 I have more containers at home + plates and cutlery and stuff that I still need to bring over.

So, with a massive headache after working in the heat, I struggled slightly to find the bus stop to get home (took a wrong turn and ended up taking a long detour), but finally got on my way home. I was super exhausted, so to award myself for being so effective with unpacking, I found a kiosk when I got to town and bought the latest issues of Total Film and Tribal Tattoo :D I also found a great bargain: 6 drinking glasses for only 20 ($3-4 ), so that kind of made my day.

I’m gonna read my magazines now, so



Adventures in Volda, Part I: The Exploration

August 2, 2010

Today I went with my sister to fetch the key and check out my bedsit. As it takes 2 hours by bus and ferry to get to Volda, we got up early to catch the 9 o’clock bus. The 9 o’clock bus did not show however, so we just sat there and waited for another hour, an hour which we could have spent sleeping. Anyway, when we arrived at our destination, we quickly managed to locate the building in which I would get my key, and, as a pleasant surprise, we could actually see the block I’m going to live in from said building. Both being excited, me more than her, of course, I put the key in the entrance door and turned it.

… around 4 times and struggled insanely until I figured out I had turned it the wrong way.

We walked up the stairs to find another locked door, this one easier to open though, and there it was. A small corridor with three doors on one side, which led to the bedsits of the two girls I would be living with, and my own, and two doors on the other side leading to the bathroom and the toilet. Around the corner at the end of the corridor was a small livingroom and a cute little kitchen. But what interested me the most was of course my own room, which was perfect.

The bed. A lot smaller than what I’m used to, but I guess I’ll manage. I’m gonna buy some huge cushions so that it can be used as a sofa during the day.

The small table, a chair, an office chair and the desk. The desk lamp is terrific, but the office chair I’ll have to switch out with my own, or I’ll most likely break it.

The closet. Just the right size!

Bookshelf and mirrors. Here’s the plan: Two top shelves: my huge DVD collection. Third shelf from the top: my books and CDs. Fourth shelf from the top: my art stuff and other hobby things. Bottom two shelves: school books and general storage.

The sofa corner just outside my room, complimented by my sister.


The TV, door to the veranda and my room there in the background. The veranda was flooded at the moment, though, and full of cigarette stumps, so I didn’t go outside.

The bathroom with the shower. The shower is huge! In the other bathroom there’s another sink and a toilet.

The only thing I know about the two girls I’ll be sharing bathroom and kitchen with so far is about nothing, other than the few things I could tell from what they had in the kitchen cabinets. Neither of them are there at the moment, so I’ll get to meet them later. I need to figure out which kitchen cabinet is mine and etc. Looking forward to see what kind of people they are.

Now I’m off to write that darned shopping list.




July 31, 2010

I know someone who will be happy about this…

I’m moving out and starting school in another town. I’ll be getting a bachelor degree in Media, IKT and Design at a school that would be equivalent to the American college. Therefor it would be fitting with a blog to keep whomever’s interested updated in my daily adventures while moving out and settling. This blog is still in the process of being figured out, considering that WordPress has changed a lot since I last used it, and things appear majorly alien to me at the mo’. Also, I’ll be getting a better layout as soon as I get my hands on Photoshop or something like that.

Yes, so… I will be picking up the key to my bedsit next week. It’s just a small room containing a bed, a desk, some chairs, a table, a bookshelf and a closet, and I’m supposed to share bathroom, kitchen and livingroom with a few other people. I have no idea how many, or who these people are yet. Maybe I’ll meet some of them next week. I should start packing. I also need to write a shopping list, because there’s some stuff I’ll be needing that I can’t smuggle out of this house.

At the moment things have been busy here at home. Dad has taken on himself the grand project of redoing the hallway, and us two kids have been helping out. It’s really coming along nicely. But on the negative side it means that our bedroom is filled with much of the stuff that used to stay in the hallway. Can you say cramped?

Chores are calling, so I’ll need to get my ass off the couch, and therefor end this post.